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        Pasni, the Weaning Ceremony or the Rice Feeding Ceremony is a celebration in Nepal in which a child is first fed rice by the GrandFather. Although centuries-old tradition, modern science has established the fact that a child's digestive system is capable of processing solid food when they are approximately six months old, which is why Pasni is held for when a baby turns six months.

        Boys Pasni Dress / Weaning Set

        Duboko Mala


        Pasni dasna set


        Royal Blue Velvet Pasni Set


        Red Velvet Pasni Set


        Velvet Pasni set


        Red Velvet Pasni Set


        Handwork Royal Blue Pasni Set


        Pasni Set for Baby Boy


        Royal Blue Dhaka Pasni Set


        Taas Baby Boy Pasni Set


        Baby Boy Pasni Set


        Dhaka Pasni Set

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